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If you enjoy deeply felt small town, family romances, you've come to the right place. That's what I write… because that's me in a nutshell—a look-on-the-bright-side, rural girl who appreciates the friendship and sense of community common to so many small towns.


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The Driftwood Promise | Chapter 4

June 13, 2017


The grudging way she said it caught his attention, and he could guess who Chaz was—or, at least, who he’d been to her—without asking, but he did anyhow. “Who’s Chaz?”


“My ex.”


No surprise there. “Ah.”


He wanted to press her about it, but now wasn’t the time. It wouldn’t be the time until she trusted him enough to open up about it, and getting to that point was going to take finesse and patience. Erin wasn’t the kind to give up her secrets easily. He’d sensed that immediately, back in June, and he was beginning to suspect that once she did, he’d find a pure, compassionate heart well worth the wait. … [ Read More ]




The Driftwood Promise | Chapter 3

June 13, 2017


“Hey, big brother.”


Owen dropped his spoon in his clam chowder. “That’s it. I’m eating in my office from now on.”


Erin rolled her eyes at his teasing. “I’m not that bad.”


“Yes, you are.”


“Fine. Be that way. I guess you don’t want to know who’s here to see you.”


At once, as his gaze went immediately to the door of the Salty Dog Chowder House, his expression shifted from mildly exasperated amusement to the brightest, most amazing smile he’d seen on his face in a long time. … [ Read More ]




The Driftwood Promise | Chapter 2

June 13, 2017


He had almost turned down Owen’s invitation. The six pack of Bud Light Lime he’d bought at the local grocery store on his way up to the cottage would do a better job than lemonade of numbing his bitterness. Five minutes out on the deck with Owen and Erin proved that theory splendidly wrong.


Gideon stretched his legs out in front of him, crossing them at the ankles, and knitted his hands behind his head with a faint smile on his lips. As twilight deepened and the stars peeked out, the day’s heat finally abated, chased out by a cool sea breeze. … [ Read More ]




The Driftwood Promise | Chapter 1

June 13, 2017


Since sharing The Abalone Shell as I wrote it worked so well to motivate me to write it, I'm going to start doing that with its sequel, The Driftwood Promise, which is the story of Owen's sister Erin and Hope's cousin Gideon. … [ Read More ]



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