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Northstar Holidays #1


Tabloid lies end actress Shannon O'Neil's relationship and give horse trainer Ty Evans a chance to continue what he started when he kissed her under the mistletoe two years ago.

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Coming Dec. 1



Northstar Holidays #2


After her marriage ends violently, artist Celeste Dawson needs ski-lodge owner Brodie Dunn's brand of empathetic, light-hearted humor, but it might drive her mad before it can heal her.

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Coming Jan. 15



Two-Lane Wyoming #1


When widow Sheridan Mason pulls over to help Cody Collins with his two flat tires, her belief that she isn't ready to move on will be tested, and Cody's bad luck may be fate giving them a nudge.

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Mistletoe Kisses is available for preorder!



The Northstar Romances have new covers! The old "color band" covers are being phased out but will, for the time being, remain alongside the new cover on each book's detail page.



The Northtar Angels box set is now available!



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