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If you enjoy deeply felt small town, family romances, you've come to the right place. That's what I write… because that's me in a nutshell—a look-on-the-bright-side, rural girl who appreciates the friendship and sense of community common to so many small towns.


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The Abalone Shell | Behind the STory

Apr. 23, 2017


Now and again, a book comes along that demands to be written. The Abalone Shell was one of those books. For that matter, the books to follow are the same. I'm having a hard time remembering to do the managerial tasks required of a full-time author because I'm so lost in the story. I'll tell you, it feels great. The Abalone Shell started out as a get-it-done-quick novella for a multi-author box set, and morphed into something else. Something far more meaningful to me. … [ Read More ]




The Abalone Shell | Chapter 2

Mar. 9, 2017


“Hey, big brother.”


Owen eyed his sister with his spoon hovering millimeters from his mouth. She leaned beside him with her hip against the counter and a Cheshire cat gleam in her eyes. He sucked the spoonful of chowder into his mouth and savored it for a moment before he addressed her. “Is there a reason why you’re interrupting my lunch again? I need to get back to work, Erin, and I’d really like to finish my chowder before I do.” … [ Read More ]




The Abalone Shell | Chapter 1

Mar. 8, 2017


I must confess. I like big books. Reading them and writing them. I love being able to stay in the book with the characters I love for more than a couple hours.


However, one of the best tricks for improving writing—specifically developing a tighter economy of words and a keener grasp of how to choose a plot that will fit a specific word length—is to write shorter stories. I love flash fiction for that reason, and when I want to focus on a specific skill, I often turn to short fiction. … [ Read More ]



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