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If you enjoy deeply felt small town, family romances, you've come to the right place. That's what I write… because that's me in a nutshell—a look-on-the-bright-side small-town girl who appreciates the sense of community and friendship common to so many small towns.


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The Abalone Shell | Chapter 6

Mar. 19, 2017


Owen settled his groceries on the counter and went through the motions of putting them away. Deciding he could bring his overnight bag in from the truck later, he wandered into the living room and sank into his recliner with his head tipped back. His eyes drifted closed… [ Read More ]




The Abalone Shell | An Experiment to Rediscover the Joy of Writing

Mar. 15, 2017


The Abalone Shell started out as a an entry for a multi-author box set of summer/beach romantic novellas and as an experiment in writing a length of story I have not yet conquered. But it has morphed into something much different and more impactful to me personally… [ Read More ]




The Abalone Shell | Chapter 5

Mar. 14, 2017


By noon the next day, Hope hadn’t yet recovered from her shock. She could not fathom the pain of losing her child, but her imagination had woken her in the middle of the night with a terrifying dream about her daughter and ex-husband crashing through the guardrail and plunging over the edge of a coastal cliff… [ Read More ]



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