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SPECIAL NOTICE: Until further notice, Mountain Angel is not available on Barnes & Noble for Nook. Until this issue is resolved, Nook owners can download your FREE copy of Mountain Angel here.

WILD ANGEL, Northstar Angels - Book Three


Luke Conner is still struggling to move on a decade after the tragic murder of his high school girlfriend. Teaching at the same school he attended has turned out to be a nightmare instead of the dream it once was, and it’ll take a miracle to salvage his career and his sanity. Ryan Connelly finds herself wanting to be that miracle… Learn more.



Cody Collins and his stepfather are heading home after selling the last of their cows at an auction in Casper, Wyoming when Cody's truck gets two flat tires. Cody thinks it's terrible luck, but when a beautiful widow and her mother pull over to offer assistance, he realizes his bad luck may actually be fate giving him a little nudge... Learn more.

FORGOTTEN ANGEL, Northstar Angels - Book Four


Shane McGuire and Becky Epperson have a history. They might have had much more, but tragedy stepped between them. Twelve years later, Shane's missed opportunity with Becky is just one of his many regrets, but Shane vows to make amends… if he can. Learn more.

"Reading 'Mountain Angel' was an absolute treat. Aelissm and Pat are characters we can cheer for, and their friends and family are folks we'd like to know... Well done!"

~Ricki Wilson, author of Maggie's Fall

"Montana is the perfect setting for this love match… ['Mountain Angel' has] a great classic plot for a romance."

~Kindle Book Review

"Once I started reading, I didn't want to put ['Mountain Angel'] down. Great characters and background. The action was exciting and the drama was a bit heart wrenching--just how I like it."

~Amazon Customer

"I can't wait until the next one. If it is anywhere near as good as ['Summer Angel'] I won't be disappointed… You must read this book. It's both beautiful and captivating; you will be flipping the pages just to find out how it ends."

~Amazon Customer