First Instinct – Hammond Brothers #1

Lifelong best friends Nick Hammond and Beth Carlyle haven’t ever considered that there might be more than friendship between them, but during their final year of college, her boyfriend’s act of selfish brutality changes everything.


Nick has always been sure of his life’s path—when his father retires, he’ll inherit his family’s sprawling ranch. It’s the only life he wants, but when an evening of fun is shattered by Beth’s screams, Nick’s future is thrown into chaos. Beth’s dreams are destroyed. All she has left is her family’s ranch… and Nick.


When Nick jumps in to protect Beth, boundaries shift, but with their emotions so tangled, how can they know if these new feelings are real or only the circumstances of what happened?


Trigger warning: this book involves a rape and surviving the aftermath, and it may be a difficult read for sensitive readers.

Available in paperback, hardcover, and e-book

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