Mistletoe Kisses – Northstar Holidays #1

When Ty Evans stole a kiss from Shannon O’Neil under the mistletoe, it altered his hopes for the future, but with the woman of his dreams out of reach, that future isn’t likely to come to pass.


Shannon’s acting and singing career is set to rocket into the stratosphere, and Ty’s horse training business is gaining acclaim, and it’s looking more and more like that reckless kiss will be the only one Ty ever gets. Then a brush with the darker side of fame forces Shannon to question if she can handle the spotlight. With her longtime boyfriend now her ex, she heads to Northstar to visit her brother and clear her head. This might be the chance Ty’s been waiting for—an opportunity to convince Shannon that their kiss under the mistletoe was just the beginning of something even more wonderful. Just one problem. He can’t let her give up on her dreams, but if she pursues them, he’ll be faced with the choice of losing her again or abandoning his own dreams to follow her across the world.


Wrap the joy of the holidays around you with Mistletoe Kisses, a touching story of chasing dreams… and catching them. Pick up your copy today and fall in love under the mistletoe.

Available in paperback, hardcover, and e-book

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