Summer Angel – Northstar Angels #2

When Ben Conner killed a man in the line of duty and orphaned an eleven-year-old boy, he pushed everyone away, including the one woman who would have shown him he’s not a monster.


Half a decade later, Ben is at a crossroads. The guilt and nightmares are tearing him apart. A trip home to Northstar to see his old friend June Montana sounds like heaven, but instead of the escape he hoped for, Ben is reunited with the boy he orphaned. Luke is June’s son now, and she’s made a promise to put his happiness before anyone else’s. If Ben can’t accept that, he’ll lose her for good. Before they can figure out if Luke and Ben will be able to overcome the past, a new threat arises. Someone from June’s past wants revenge for a broken heart… and he’s willing to kill to get it.


With a poignant mix of suspense, humor, and hope, Summer Angel will grab you by the heart and won't let go. Pick up your copy today and dive into this heartwarming story of second chances.

Available in paperback, hardcover, and e-book

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