The Sundown Fires – Sea Glass Cove #3

He wasn’t about to let her douse the flames.


Lauren King’s world has gone up in flames. With her art studio and shop burned to the ground, she has little choice but to accept the offer her cousin made years ago to be his partner in his gallery in Sea Glass Cove. It won’t be the same as having her own shop, but it’s better than starting over from the ground, and she could use her family’s love and support.


Of course, moving to Sea Glass Cove means crossing paths with Ethan Castle, the only man who’s ever made her doubt her vow to remain single.


After three failed engagements, Ethan isn’t sure if he’s unlucky in love or if he’s just not cut out for relationships. Lauren’s arrival on the heels of his latest breakup answers that question beyond a doubt. He hasn’t forgotten what she confided to him all those years ago over a bottle of rum, and now that she’s back in his life, he can’t let go.


He’ll do anything he can to help her build a new life for herself, but she is fiercely independent, and if he isn’t careful, his heart will be the next thing to burn.


Coming Late 2017

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