Wild Angel – Northstar Angels #3

With the past threatening to ruin the future, Luke Conner and Ryan Connelly will have to learn to let go of the heartache if they're to have any hope of finding true happiness.


Ten years after surviving a plot that saw two classmates murdered, Luke is still struggling to free himself from the heartbreak, and fostering a boy with a story too similar to his own brings older, more poisonous memories to the surface again. It'll take a miracle to salvage the future he once envisioned for himself. Ryan wants to be that miracle, but her heart is still tattered, and Luke has ties to the man who broke it. If they are willing to take a chance, they have a shot at a bright future together. It won't be easy because trust is the hardest lesson for tortured souls to learn.


A deeply felt story of healing and hope, Wild Angel will grab you by the heart strings and hang on to the very last page. Pick up your copy today, and get lost in this heartwarming romance.

Available in paperback, hardcover, and e-book.

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