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Greetings from Montana!

Well, hi there! I'm Suzie O'Connell, a USA Today Bestselling author of stories of small towns and big hearts. Welcome to my home on the web. Here you'll find all kinds of goodies—my book list, info on new and upcoming releases, even some photos I've taken.


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It has been suggested to me numerous times by many readers that I should add a "Buy Me a Coffee" donation button to my site so fans can help support my writing in ways other than buying books. But here's the thing. I don't drink coffee. Gasp! Wait… a writer who doesn't drink coffee? Are you serious? Yep, I am. But, people keep bringing it up, and with recent events, I thought of way to put my own spin on it with something that means a lot more to me: "Buy a Bale of Hay."


If you're a member of my newsletter, you've probably read about my ranch adventures. Well, sadly, "ranch adventures" are now past tense. This fall (of 2022), my husband suffered a significant injury to his knee while out checking cows, resulting in our departure from the ranch. It was not a decision either of us wanted to make.


Thankfully, I was able to re-home the chickens with a good friend and find pasture for our two cows Daryl and Two Socks at another friend's dad's place. However, the pasture is located in a semi-arid stretch of land west of town, so we will likely need to feed hay year-round. Hence my unusual twist on "buy me a coffee".


These two sweeties have become a fan-favorite feature of my newsletter and social media communities, and I've loved bringing you along for the ride as I trained Daryl (the Jersey, left below) to be a family milk cow. And sharing how Two Socks, her best bud, decided she too needed to be a pet. And describing the antics of their first calves.


All donations through this "Buy Hay" button are safe and secure via PayPal and will go directly to buying hay for these two beautiful ladies. I can't wait to continue sharing their adventures with you, my amazing readers. Daryl, Two Socks, and I thank you for joining us on our journey!

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