About the Author

Maren Ferguson is the “sweet” alter ego of USA Today bestselling author Suzie O’Connell, who is best known for the Northstar romances.


Though she is a self-professed mountain-loving nerd, she has a fair amount of salt water in her veins, courtesy of her “salty dog” grandfather, and once in a while, she gets to craving the crashing ocean surf. It was during one of these episodes that the Sea Glass Cove series was conceived.


Suzie has been writing stories for as long as she can remember, and it shouldn’t come as any surprise that her first story, written (and illustrated) way back in second grade, was about the mouse who went to the sea.


When she isn’t writing, you’ll probably find her in the mountains with a camera in hand and enjoying the beauty of Montana with her husband Mark, their daughter Maddie, and their golden retriever Reilly. You might even find her—on her rare trips to the coast—getting in touch with her inner pirate. Just kidding. Sort of.


For more information about the books she writes as herself, visit suzieoconnell.com


You can also find Suzie/Maren on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. And if you have a moment, she loves to hear from readers, so shoot her and email at maren@suzieoconnell.com

Frequently Asked Questions

When is your next book coming out? What is it?


Patience, dear reader. Rest assured that she am working on more books (under both Maren Ferguson and Suzie O'Connell), but she won't announce which books she's working on until the first draft is done.


Why the pen name?


To make it clear which of her books are "sweet" (i.e. any bedroom scenes are either fade-to-black or behind closed door) and which are not.


I don't like reading "open door" bedroom scenes or profanity. Should I read your Suzie O'Connell books?


Probably not. Those books fall in the middle of heat spectrum, and most have open-door bedroom scenes and some profanity, though they are definitely not super-spicy or overly profane. If you're curious, visit suzieoconnell.com

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