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Northstar Angels

A Northstar Box Set


In the face of tragedy and heartbreak, one group of friends will band together to prove that family isn't a bond of blood but of heart. [ Learn More ]


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Hammond Brothers

A Northstar Box Set


No matter how heartbreaking the tragedy or how shattering the personal trauma, the Hammond family knows that they only way to get through them is to stand strong together. [ Learn More ]


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Mistletoe Magic

A Northstar Box Set


With a little holiday magic and the help of two big-hearted men, two best friends might be able to get their lives back on track… and find that dreams do come true. [ Learn More ]


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End of the Road

Various Authors – Raptor Retreat Press (July 2013)


A themed collection of short stories – Roads end. They begin somewhere, too. In between, all manner of things happen: friendship, betrayal, horror and maybe even joy. [ Learn More ]


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The Kiss

Various Authors – Raptor Retreat Press (January 2014)


A themed collection of short stories – A kiss is a simple communication. It can also be an exchange, a betrayal, an assault, a promise, a hope...or it could be a goodbye. [ Learn More ]


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Kiss Me Cowboy

A Fundraising Box Set


Six complete novels. Six sexy cowboys. One great cause. 100% of royalties donated to Heroes & Horses. [ Learn More ]


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Reading Companions

Northstar Reading Companion

Fourth Edition – March 2018


Includes suggest reading order, series timeline, and details about each book, the people of Northstar, and the places, and will be updated as new books are added to the series. [ Learn More ]


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