Calm Before the Storm Thunder Ridge - Book 1

A storm is brewing for the Tulleys of Thunder Ridge Ranch…


Lance Tulley has done a fine job future-proofing his family’s 112,000-acre Thunder Ridge Ranch. But it’s taking a toll on him. With the woman he hoped would become his partner now his ex-wife, he’s exhausted and heart-weary. Serena Kendrick’s return to the ranch could be the solution he needs.


After a crushing pregnancy loss and the bitter end of her marriage, Serena needs a fresh start, and her childhood home is just the place to find it. When Lance asks her to help him run the ranch, she can’t say no. This is the chance she needs to reconnect with herself and heal… and to see if her attraction to Lance is as one-sided as she remembers.


With their hearts laid bare and no one standing between them anymore, desire builds like a thunderstorm—raw and powerful. But passion isn’t the only thing brewing on the horizon. A ruthless cattle baron wants to take a bite out of Thunder Ridge, and Lance’s refusal to sell even one acre will put him in the crosshairs.


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