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*All proceeds go to Heroes & Horses, an organization helping veterans in a new way—with horses and wilderness.

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A note from the authors


They are our family members. Our friends. Our neighbors.


Chances are, someone you know—someone you love—is either serving or has served in the military. You probably even know someone who has been deployed overseas. And you may have seen them struggle to adjust to civilian life, whether they're fighting a battle we can't see against horrific memories we can't imagine or re-learning how to function in society without orders to follow.


We—the authors of this box set—write military heroes (or plan to real soon!) in our Western romances. While we guarantee happy endings for our heroes, we know that the men and women who serve our country often aren’t so lucky. Twenty-two veterans commit suicide each day, and countless others are grappling with PTSD.


There's no easy solution, but every little bit helps. That's why we decided to put this box set together and to donate the proceeds to a program that helps veterans adjust to life after the military. We want to raise awareness and make a positive impact for our real life heroes. What better program could we choose than Heroes & Horses?


This Montana-based organization has made headlines recently for their unique approach of reintegration using the healing power of horses and the solitude of the wilderness to help veterans "to move beyond the difficulties experienced from years of war, towards a life of restoration and hope." Visit the Heroes & Horses website to learn more about this incredible and promising program.


We hope you enjoy this box set! But even if sexy, steal-your-heart Cowboy romances aren't your thing, please consider donating to Heroes & Horses or help us spread the word.


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