Sponsoring Authors

Throughout this project and our careers, we've been fortunate to have been part of a far-reaching community of authors from a wide variety of genres, and many of them have stepped up once again and helped us get the word out about this project. We'd like to take a moment to give them all a shout-out. These are wonderful writers, one and all, and there's likely something for everyone in this list, so give them a look.


To all the authors who have helped us not only with this project but with our careers, thank you!


In no particular order, here they are:

COra Seton

Writes: Contemporary Western Romance (Small Town & Military)

Best Known For: Cowboys of Chance creek, Heroes of Chance Creek


Cora's website

Kate Pearce

Writes: Romance

Best Known For: The Morgan Ranch series, The Simply series


Kate's website

Jacques Antoine

Writes: Action/Adventure

Best Known For: Emily Kane Adventures


Jacques's website

Robert Thomas

Writes: Epic Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure (as Bob Thomas)

Best Known For: White Staff


Robert's website

Nick Russell

Writes: Mystery, Hard-boiled Police Procedurals

Best Known For: Big Lake Mysteries, Gypsy Journal (RV e-Newspaper)


Nick's website

Mona Ingram

Writes: Contemporary and Historical Romance

Best Known For: Forever Series, Women of Independence Series


Mona's website

Lee Hanson

Writes: Murder Mysteries

Best Known For: Julie O'Hara Mysteries


Lee's website

Scarlett Braden

Writes: Suspense

Best Known For: Providence in Equador Series, Friends in Foreign Places


Scarlett's website

Claire Kane

Writes: Contemporary Westerns and Cozy Mysteries

Best Known For: Outlaws and Fast Draws, Z & C Mysteries


Claire's website

Cameron Lowe

Writes: Supernatural Thrillers

Best Known For: Rankin Flats Supernatural Thrillers


Cameron's website

Serena Clarke

Writes: Contemporary Romance

Best Known For: One Distant Summer, A North So True


Serena's website

Sela Carsen

Writes: Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi Romance

Best Known For: Wolves of Fenrir, Nocturne Falls Universe


Sela's website

Nancy Stopper

Writes: Contemporary Small Town Romance

Best Known For: Oak Grove


Nancy's website

Anna Lowe

Writes: Paranormal Romance, Western Paranormal Romance

Best Known For: The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch, Blue Moon Saloon


Anna's website

DB McNichol

Writes: Mystery with a dash of romance

Best Known For: Klondike PA Mysteries


DB's website

Brent Jones

Writes: Contemporary Literary Fiction

Best Known For: The Fifteenth of June


Brent's website

DL Roan

Writes: Spicy Western Romance, Romantic Suspense

Best Known For: The McLendon Family Saga, Blindfold Fantasy


DL's website

Kristi Rose

Writes: Contemporary Romance (Western/Small Town), Chick Lit

Best Known For: The Cowboy Takes a Bride, No Strings Attached Series


Kristi's website

Susan Saxx

Writes: Contemporary Romance

Best Known For: The Real Men Series


Susan's website

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