Last Surrender – Northstar #10

On the surface, horse trainer Heather Brown is strong, confident, and successful, and as far as ranch hand Jeremiah Mackey is concerned, she has it all. So why does she keep walking away from good men? And with the mistakes he's made, what chance does he have to prove he's worthy of her?


It’s Heather’s thirtieth birthday, and she’s newly single. Again. Her family isn’t going to be happy about that, and she’s in no mood to endure their disappointment. When Jeremiah offers to help her salvage her birthday, she can’t say no. She quickly finds out there’s more to him than she ever realized. He’s different than any man she’s dated, and he might have exactly what she’s been missing all this time. But with her family openly disapproving of him, how can it last?


Jeremiah has made a lot of mistakes in his life, and he's spent time behind bars because of them. But eleven years ago, the same sheriff’s deputy who arrested him offered him a chance to turn his life around, and he grabbed on to it without looking back. Now that he finally has a chance with Heather, his future is looking brighter than ever… until someone from his past starts playing games with him—someone he knows would like to see him and the interfering deputy dead.


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