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Last Surrender Northstar - Book 10

Horse trainer Heather Brown is strong, confident, and successful, and as far as ranch hand Jeremiah Mackey is concerned, she has it all. So why does she keep walking away from good men?


It’s Heather’s thirtieth birthday, and she’s newly single. Again. With a talent for finding Mr. Right-for-Everyone-Else, it’s time to try something—or someone—new. Jeremiah certainly fits the bill. He’s different than any man she’s dated, but with her family openly hostile to him, how can it last?


Jeremiah has made a lot of mistakes in his life, and he’s spent time behind bars because of them. But eleven years ago, he was given a chance to turn his life around, and he took it without looking back. With Heather by his side, his future is looking brighter than ever… until someone from his past starts playing deadly games.

"If you like books with a slow burn, a little suspense and a lot of love then Last Surrender is the book for you."


—Apple Books Review

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