Mountain Angel – Northstar #2

A strong-willed woman, a heart-weary deputy, and a cozy mountain cabin. What could possibly go wrong… or right? Aelissm Davis and Pat O’Neil are about to find out.


A talented crafter in a male-dominated field, Aelissm is perfectly capable of managing her own affairs, but when it comes to an obsessive friend, she may be in over her head. When returning home to Northstar doesn’t get her point across, she swallows her pride and calls in reinforcements. Unfortunately, her meddling uncle’s solution—send his best deputy “on vacation” to protect her—could be an even bigger complication. With sad eyes and a gentle heart, Deputy O’Neil is definitely that.


For three years, Pat has buried himself in his work to get past a violent relationship, and it hasn’t done him any good. Maybe this assignment to protect his boss’s niece will give him the perspective he needs. Aelissm is an irresistible breath of fresh mountain air and like no woman he’s ever met, but as his heart learns how to breathe again, her past entwines with his and trouble comes knocking. Will she let him do his job, or will her stubborn independence put them both in danger?

Available in paperback, hardcover, and e-book

Also Available in audiobook


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