Welcome to Thunder Ridge Ranch!


Thunder Ridge is a brand-new series set on a sprawling cattle ranch ten miles south of Devyn, Montana. If you've read the Northstar books, you might recognize that town name. It's the very same "town of any size" sitting 45 miles or so east of Northstar. So, yes, you'll see some familiar places and characters (definitely Aaron Hammond, the hero in Twice Shy, who is the county sheriff). However, while Thunder Ridge will have some crossover with the Northstar series and will appeal to fans of those books, it is its own series. It will be four books with an over-arching plot that begins in book one and finishes in book four. If you're not already signed up for my newsletter, make sure you do so you don't miss any Thunder Ridge announcements.

Series Synopsis


A storm is brewing for the Tulleys of Thunder Ridge Ranch. Neighboring ranches are selling out to a billion-dollar cattle corporation and others are folding as younger generations refuse to keep century-old family legacies alive. Siblings Lance, Chase, Autumn, and River will have to stand together to future-proof their empire, but as secrets and heartbreaks threaten to tear them apart from within, can they find the strength to keep the family and the ranch together?

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