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"Wyoming is one great big small town with very long streets."


For three families—the Grants, Garretts, and Collins clan—there's a lot of truth in that statement. Spread across the state, they're used to traveling long distances to get together. They know better than most that the wide open highways of Wyoming are the best place to discover yourself. The endless vistas and empty spaces between towns strip away pretenses, leaving only truth. And as these families and couples discover, sometimes the shortest distance between two hearts is a lonely two-lane road.


Meet the families of "Two-Lane Wyoming"


The Collins Family

The Collins family owns and operates a mid-sized cattle ranch at the foot of the Owl Creek Mountains southwest of Meeteetse and value family; Ruth and John have eight children (seven sons and one daughter), so family gatherings are always noisy and full of love and laughter.


The Garrett Family

Considerably smaller than the large Collins family, the Garrett family of Alcova still know how to cherish one another. Even though they are spread across Wyoming and their gatherings are quieter and less fequent, their family bond is unbreakable.


The Grant Family

Unlike Collins and Garrett families, the Grants have devoted their energies to building a massive ranching empire. With thousands of acres, the Grant Ranch just north of Cody is known throughout the state for its prize-winning black Angus cattle. Maybe the influence of the Collinses and Garretts—and one child who is a member of all three families—will mend this Grants' tattered bonds.

The Books

The Road to Garrett

Book 1


Just when single mother Annemarie Garrett is ready to give up on guardian angels, hers shows up. [ Learn More ]


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