Wild Angel – Northstar #8

Everything Luke Conner once wanted from life is slipping away. Ryan Connelly wishes she could be the miracle he needs, but her own heart is still in tatters… and he has ties to the man who broke it.


Ryan and Luke have taught together for four years now, and for four years, she’s ignored the flicker of attraction between them and watched their colleagues harass him mercilessly, wanting to say something but unwilling to risk her heart again to do it. His friendship—whatever remains of it—with her ex is a complication she just doesn’t need, but when their fellow teachers cross a line, she throws caution to the wind. Enough is enough.


A decade after the murders of two classmates, Luke is still struggling to free himself from the heartbreak, and the harassment at work isn’t helping. Ryan’s unexpected offer of friendship is a lifeline he desperately needs, and as he grabs on to it, that spark of attraction flares into something far stronger. Suddenly, Luke finds himself staring at the future he thought was lost to him. But will it last? As long-buried secrets are uncovered, they’ll have to trust each other, and tormented hearts don’t trust easy.

Available in paperback, hardcover, and e-book.

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